The first Philly TV Festival is here!

Philadelphia TV Festival is running it’s first event on November 14th and 15th at Philadelphia’s public access station, Phillycam.   The address is 699 Randstead street, or more simply the studio is on the corner of 7th and Randstead (between market st. and chestnut st.)  We are accepting submissions from media makers in all genres and styles.  The only requirement is that the submission is less than 4 minutes and that applicants upload their work to youtube or vimeo and send us a link at  We will have 5 winners based on production quality and overall entertainment value.   Winners will be chosen by an independent group of professional media makers and awards will be handed out at the event.   We will have panel discussions and speakers that will help attendees improve their skill sets and activities that will help media makers network with others in the field.  Come join us this november in Philly!

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